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World PremiereTHE HERO SHOW




Making 35 years of directing, Kazuyuki Izutsu's latest feature film, which is starring Junpei Goto and Shusuke Fukutoku from JARU JARU who are the most popular young comedy pair in Japan recently, is about youth violence describing the reality of young generation!
The part time job Yuki (Shusuke Fukutoku), a timid technical college student, started is acting villain in the Hero Show.
One day, Noboru, one of the colleague of the Show, and Tsuyoshi, Yuki's elder friend, started striking on the stage because Noboru pillaged Tsuyoshi's girlfriend. And then, Tsuyoshi gathered the bad friends and tried to extort money from Noboru, but he also won Yuki (Junpei Goto) who is the Ex-Self-Defense Forces to his side and retaliate for them.
By degrees, their violence escalates and finally it causes a crucial crime...


Junpei Goto(JARUJARU), Shusuke Fukutoku(JARUJARU), Chisun, Kosuke Yonehara(RUN&GUN), Ryosuke Sakuragi, Tsuyoshi Hayashi, Akira Nagata(RUN&GUN), Mariko Tsutsui, Takeshi Masu, Ken Mitsuishi


Director Kazuyuki Izutsu

Work data

Country Japan
Year 2010
Distribution Company 角川映画株式会社
Copyright ©2010「ヒーローショー」製作委員会

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