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Japan PremiereThe Missing Lynx

The Missing Lynx

©kandor Graphics-Perro Verde-Green Moon


An adventure-comedy animation about a lynx that leads a group of its animal friends on a journey aimed at evading a hunter.
Just as Noah built an ark, billionaire Noe has built a huge ship, which he has prepared to carry animals in pairs so they may flee in case there is a disaster. So Noe hires hunters to catch animals. Felix, the lynx and lead character, and his friends (Gus the chameleon, Rupert the mole, Astarte the hawk, and a goat) begin their game of chase with the hunter.
※ We will be screening the English dubbed version(102 min).

Voice Cast

David Roblest, Julio Nunezt, Conchi Lopez Rojot, Carlos del Pino


Director Raul Garcia,Manuel Sicilia

Work data

Country Spain
Year 2008
Copyright ©Kandor Graphics-Perro Verde-Green Moon

제 1회 오키나와 국제 영화제(2009년)