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World PremiereA Song of Gondola

A Song of Gondola



A man who has failed to have a meaningful career, family life, and life in general recalls the memories of Chatan, the town he grew up in as a boy. Yearning to be tough and strong.
Faint first love. The rebellious phase. The fi rst true friend. The secret of his birth. And the "past" that his father had concealed for so long... This is a story that delineates the mystifying nature of life, one that circles around and around the same place like a gondola on a Ferris wheel. It is a bittersweet but encouraging gift for all those who "cannot make it work".


Kenta Kamiya, Shinichi Tsuha, Kirara Kakinohana, Haruka Toubaru, Syo-n Fukushi, Yuji Shiroma, Koji Nakamoto, Yuna Matsuda


Director Naoya Oshiro

Work data

Country Japan
Year 2010
Copyright ©2010「二ライの丘」製作委員会

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