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World PremiereWARARAIFU!!




Multi-talented director Yuichi Kimura, excels in a range of fields being a performing artist, a composition writer, a cook and an actor. His second film as director.
Syuichi Furukawa lives alone in Tokyo, but starts looking for a place to live with his fi ancee Mari Ayashiro, with their marriage coming up. At the same time, Syuichi's parents say they are also moving house. Syuichi had forgotten all about their move until the day before it happens, when his mother, Keiko, phoned to remind him about it. Syuichi returns to his family home, but there's nobody there. He looks underneath a pot plant for a spare key, but there's no key there. He got his fl aky memory from his mother. The story is about an ordinary family living in an ordinary town in the northern Kanto Region, where the father is a shoemaker, the mother a homemaker and the main character has a sister two years older and a brother fi ve years younger than he. Syuichi remembers all sorts of things as he watches items being carried out of the home where he had grown up. It is a story of bonding between a bright and boisterous family in their lives full of laughter.


Jun Murakami(Shizuru), Yu Kashii, Tomoko Tabata, Sousuke Takaoka, Anju Suzuki, Koji Kikkawa


Director Yuichi Kimura

Work data

Country Japan
Year 2010
Distribution Company ファントム・フィルム
Copyright ©2010「ワラライフ!!」製作委員会

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