Special Screening BEACH SCREENING

  • I RAN AND RUN A young woman teacher is appointed to a school in a small village. When she arrives in the village, she is shocked to discover a decrepit old school not currently in use. The children are simply playing out in the fi elds. The adults have lost the will to work and do little more than bask out in the sun. Just as the teacher is about to give up on the listless villagers and leave, a man runs into the village from Japan.

    Director:Kamal Tabrizi Cast:Kanpei Hazama, Sahar Doulatshahi, Neda Jebreili, Hanif Shahparrad, Akbar Andiravan, Hosein Abedini, Khosro Ahmadi, Niki Nasirian
    Year:2010 Country:Iran
  • SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE "Saturday Night Live" is a comedy program which has an overwhelming infl uence on US politics. The 90-minute program is on-air live from NBC’s New York studio every Saturday from 11:30pm.
    Its popular segment is the opening dialogue, where each week a diff erent host delivers a comedic dialogue with the regular cast of comedian actors. Eddy Murphy, Mike Myers, Will Ferrell all launched their star careers from this program and countess fi lms such as "Blues Brothers" were created based on comedy sketches created on the show. While programs come and go rapidly in the US television industry, "Saturday Night Live" enjoys an incredible long-run, welcoming its 35th anniversary this October. A 30-minute clip will be screened for the 2nd Okinawa International Movie Festival.