Special Screening WORLD COMEDY

Quite a few comedy films have given birth to even more successful comdey series.
We bring you the films that got 4 of those series started.

  • The Private Eyes
    ©1993 STAR TV Filmed Entertainment Limited. All Rights Reserved.
  • The Private Eyes One of a comedy series starring the three Hui brothers. This is the third of the series with all three starring, but it was their debut release in Japan. Private eye Wong owns a detective agency in Hong Kong with only a pretty secretary and a dimwitted assistant. One day, an aspiring detective appears and says he'll work for a modest salary....

    Director:Screenwriter Cast:Samuel Hui,Ricky Hui
    Year:1976 Country:Hong Kong
  • Police Academy
    ©2004 Warner Bros.Entertainment Inc.Program Content,Artwork & Photography
    ©1984 The Ladd company All rights reserved
  • Police Academy The first of a hilarious comedy series set in a somewhat bizarre Police Academy. A newly-elected mayor decides to revise the entrance requirement to the Police Academy to recruit people regardless of height, weight, sex or education. With the floodgates open, the Academy is now full of misfits who cause one commotion after another.

    Director:Hugh Wilson Cast:Steve Guttenberg,Kim Cattrall,Bubba Smith
    Year:1984 Country:USA
  • Mr.Vampire
    ©1993 STAR TV Filmed Entertainment Limited. All Rights Reserved.
  • Mr.Vampire The memorable first of a series of movies that made jiang shi ― Chinese versions of zombies ― internationally famous. This film about a priest and jiang shi fighting in 19th century China is one of the best ever horror-comedy films, filled with horror, laughter and kung-fu action.

    Director:Ricky Liu Cast:Lam Ching Ying,Ricky Hui,Moon Lee
    Year:1985 Country:Hong Kong
  • Austin Powers
    ©MCMXCVII New Line Productions, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  • Austin Powers〈USA VERSION〉 The first of the spy comedy series written and produced by, as well as starring, Mike Myers of Saturday Night Live. A movie that's high-spirited, pop, cute, a bit naughty and addictive, it's about the adventures of a clever, British, love-machine spy.

    Director:Jay Roach Cast:Mike Myers,Elizabeth Hurley,Michael York
    Year:1997 Country:USA