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World PremiereSelfish planet

Selfish planet



Screenwriter Takuro Oikawa wrote this film, with scripting assisted by fi ve famous writers including Mitsuyoshi Takasu and Makoto Ueda.
The comedy tells the story of fi ve men who have dreamed of travelling in space. Five men, each with unique personality, have love, friendship, hope and courage as they embark on a mission into space.
They are filled with hope and anxiety while they live in a space training facility. And then, they're hit with a jolting truth. Unheeded, they're determined to go into space no matter what. And their enthusiasm drives them out to an unknown outer space.


Koji Okura, Kitaro, Gori, Michael Tomioka, Kazuma Sano


Director Hiroaki Ito

Work data

Country Japan
Year 2010
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