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Miracle Girls -Neva-da Stop Dreaming

Miracle Girls -Neva-da Stop Dreaming



"Yazima Beauty Salon" is now - unbelievably - on screen! A popular unit that came about from Fuji Television's variety program "Tunnels no minasan no okagedeshita" has sprung out of television and into a movie where the girls' lives prior to their debut unfold in Nevada, USA.
The film centers on the secret stories behind the debut of the Yazimas.
This heart-warming ‘girls movie’ affectionately depicts the virtues neglected by the Japanese these days such as family ties and friendship, and the fabulous feeling of love and making dreams come true. The Yazimas lived a simple, but happy life with the father, Tokujiro, running the Yazima Beauty Salon. Until one day, the father abruptly abandons the home, leaving the rest of the family in havoc.
The mother, Margaret, tries hard to support the family. The elder daughter, Naomi (age 17), is into love and cosmetics and dreams of becoming an Oscar-winning actress. She enters the Miss Nevada Contest determined to win, but... The younger daughter, Strawberry (age 11), is the ace on her school softball team. She has a secret crush on her classmate Ken (age 11/played by Kazuma Sano) who actually has a big secret hidden up his sleeves! The softball game with her rival Raspberry (age 11/played by Meisa Kuroki) is a set up. Strawberry is caught between love and friendship.
And who really is the father that disappeared? The Yazimas must get their acts together to take on their challenges in order to make their "dreams come true".


Strawberry, Margaret, Naomi, Meisa Kuroki, Yusuke Yamamoto, Ayaka Wilson, Kazuma Sano, Dante Carver, Kanako Yanagihara, Atsushi Ito, Kaba-chan, Yutaka Mizutani, Ren Ohsugi, Seiko Matsuda(Special Guest)


Director Shinya Nakajima

Work data

Country Japan
Year 2010
Distribution Company 松竹
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