Red Carpet/Opening Ceremony/Closing Ceremony

As in the first festival, national and international stars will grace our "red carpet" event.
That will be followed by the Opening Ceremony.
There will also be a Grand Finale to close the festival.


Tropical Beach Stage at Ginowan Seaside Park!
We will present "manzai" and live comedy routines by Yoshimoto TV personalities as well as a variety of traditional Okinawan arts and music.

The Second Okinawa International Movie Festival, Akira Kurosawa 100th Anniversary Exhibition

This Second Okinawa International Movie Festival also marks the 100th Anniversary of director Akira Kurosawa (born March 23rd 1910).
His special eye for beauty, his delicate direction and his revolutionary filming technique have influenced Spielberg, Coppola and many other world-famous directors. Clint Eastwood called him the inspiration for his own movie career. The applause and admiration for Akira Kurosawa never stop.
He also left a number of invaluable "Kurosawa Quotes"; on the right attitude for making movies, on handling people on the film set, and on coping with crises, etc.These quotes, of benefit to all adults, should be called the "bible" of future movie stars and directors.
On this anniversary we are proud to present, a number of Akira Kurosawa's masterpieces in memory of him,and to recall him through his sayings.


1st Okinawa International Movie Festival (2009)