The New International NicoNico Film Festival in Okinawa

The New International Nico Nico Film Festival in Okinawa, a collaborative project with the video-posting website Nico Nico Douga, is a film contest that is accepting entries on the theme of “laughter.”
The public judging for the New International Nico Nico Film Festival in Okinawa will be streamed live over the Internet.

NICO NIKO DOUGA The New International NicoNico Film Festival in Okinawa

What's "International NICO NICO Film Festival in Okinawa"?

This is a very heart-warming festival where a panel of jurors strictly selects the funniest video gathered from users of NICO NICO Douga and a panel of jurors strictly selects the funniest works. Generally, a movie festival is only for so-called proper works like movies or dramas, but International NICO NICO Film Festival in Okinawa accepts any video that meets the entry regulations is eligible, whether it be something like an otaku geek trick, or a gimmick, or footage of some happening taken by chance, or just a surreal and cryptic video. The 13th festival sought works under the theme of "Laughter". The Jury Panel will decide the Grand Prize winner on the Okinawa International Movie Festival Beach Stage.
The Jury Panel will also hold a Champions Competition, with previous Grand Prize winners taking part, and the event will be broadcasted live on NICO NICO Douga.



March 27(Saturday)13:30~


Ginowan Tropical Beach Special Stage

International NICO NICO Film Festival in Okinawa Summary

■Entry Period

Tuesday, January 5 to Sunday, February 28, 2010




【Theme Category】
・As noted above. Works must have contents that match the theme
【Open Category】
・Works can be freely creative and do not need to follow a theme

■Total Prize Money

・550,000 yen (250,000 yen and carryover) *Distributed among each prize-winning production
・The Grand Prize winner will receive a special trophy
・Works that are nominated for prizes will be presented with a special mobile phone strap

■Regulations Regarding Video Entries

・Footage must be of a length from 1 second to no longer than 5 minutes.
・All works must be original and must not infringe any copyrights or any other rights.
・Contents must strictly adhere to the Entry Caution Stipulations.

Regular Jury

Macoto Tezka

Chief of Jury Macoto Tezka
Macoto Tezka was born in Tokyo in 1961. Calling himself a visualist, he has carried out expressionist activities including movies, and crossing genres to include such things as writing novels and working on events and with multi-media. His feature-length film "Innocent(Hakuchi)" won the "Future Film Festival Digital Award" at the 56th Venice International Film Festival.
He directed the TV animation "Black Jack". He also appears on TV and gives lectures.


Director and administrater of Niwango,Inc.

Hatsune Matsushima

Hatsune Matsushima
Hatsune Matsushima was born in Tokyo in 1987.
After receiving the 2004 Miss Magazine Special Jury Prize while still at high school, she made her debut for real. Since then, under the nickname of "Hachu" she has been active in TV and movies as a multi talent.

  Kosuke Shindo

Kosuke Shindo
Kosuke Shindo plans a large number of TV and radio programs, accepts offers from a variety of companies to carry out planning and production or consulting, and is involved in such things as character design and anime or game production, realizing one after another new excitements that had never been seen before. He is a multi-creator belonging to Avex Entertainment Inc.'s tearbridge production.

Guest Jury

Tomonori Jinnai

Tomonori Jinnai
Tomonori Jinnai was born in Hyogo Prefecture in 1974. He is a comic talent. While working as a solo comedian, he is also a multi-talent who acts as a master of ceremonies.


NON STYLE are a comedy duo. They formed in 2000.
Yusuke Inoue (right) was born in Toyama Prefecture in 1980.He plays the straight man. Akira Ishida (left) was born in Osaka Prefecture in 1980 and plays the funnyman.


R-FUJIMOTO was born in Fukuoka Prefecture in 1981. He is a comedian.
His popularity centers on his mimicry of Vegeta, the rival of Son Goku in the manga "Dragon Ball" which can be viewed in "Yoshi Yoshi Douga" of NICO NICO Douga.


1st Okinawa International Movie Festival (2009)