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  • The Heroes of the Showa era
  • The Heroes of the Showa era It is during the post-war high-speed growth era in Japan, and with it came the popularization of TV ―― Here is a feature of the beloved Heroes and Heroines that were born in this era.
  • Respected Works Feature on Hisaya Morishige ©1956 TOHO CO.,LTD.
  • Respected Works Feature on Hisaya Morishige The greatly revered actor and entertainer, Hisaya Morishige sadly passed away in 2009. His performance was not restricted only to the silver screen, but he was active at the forefront in television, radio and various other media throughout the Showa and Heisei era. Being the first actor from the popular-theatre genre ever to receive the Order of Culture in 1991, and posthumously awarded the People's Honor Award in 2010, Hisaya Morishige was a nationally-acclaimed actor who is still truly loved by the Japanese nation. We would like to honor Morishge's accomplishments and trace his glorious career with the screening of 4 films in which he had starred in, a selected few from his list of many achievements. Please enjoy these works which have stood the test of time even after 50 years.
  • Respected Works Feature on Crayon Shin chan
    ©臼井儀人 / 双葉社・シンエイ・テレビ朝日・ADK
  • Respected Works Feature on Crayon Shin chan "Crayon Shin chan" is a nationally-acclaimed anime.
    Its original manga sold a total of 52 million copies. TV Asahi network started broadcasting the anime series in 1992, and soon after, impersonating the words and gestures of the main character, Shinnosuke(aka Shin chan), became a national phenomenon. The comical style that describes the hubbub caused by a 5-year-old kindergarten boy Shinnosuke Nohara and how his family and friends get involved, were loved by children and adults alike. At one point, the television anime’s highest viewing rate hit 28.2%. "Crayon Shin chan" is aired in more than 40 countries worldwide. A theatrical version was released in 1993. For this occasion, we will be showing 10 selected pieces from the series broadcasted in the last 18 years.
Screening Works

1st Okinawa International Movie Festival (2009)