Special Screening Feature on Okinawa Movie

Two works with the theme of "Okinawa" will screen to commemorate holding the second Okinawa International Movie Festival. Watching a movie overfl owing with love for Okinawa will make the enjoyment of the movie festival that much better.

  • FURIMUN in Okinawa
  • FURIMUN in Okinawa Eisho, who works at a pig farm in Okinawa, is always hanging around with Masaru, who is much older than Eisho, and Hitoshi, spending his time foolishly.
    One day he falls in love with a new American dancer named "Orange" at fi rst sight at his favorite pole dance bar. However Max, an American soldier, who also loves Orange makes his approach to her and Eisho begins to compete with him for her attention.Gori directs this heart-warming comedy fi lm with all his force for the fi rst time setting its story in Okinawa, which has a rich natural environment. All of the scenes were shot only in Okinawa. Moreover Rimi Natsukawa sings its theme song "Unju no Furusato" which is written by Gori and composed by Chiharu Tamashiro (from Kiroro). They are all from Okinawa and describe their great nostalgia for Okinawa in this song. Rimi Natsukawa also appears in this fi lm and this is the fi rst appearance in a fi lm for her.

    Director:Gori Cast:Gori(Garage Sale), Masao Teruya, Daisuke Moromizato(Ham), Bobby Ologun, AKINA, Tomi Taira Year:2009
  • Sachiko Nakada-The Queen of Okinawan Comedy
  • Sachiko Nakada-The Queen of Okinawan Comedy This is a documentary about Sachiko Nakada, the Queen of Okinawan Comedy, who is about to mark 65 years as a performer.
    As head of the Deigo-za theater troupe that even now boasts of attracting audiences of more than 1,000 people, Nakada uses the Okinawa dialect to get fans laughing. Despite having devoted her life toward making other people laugh, at 76 Nakada’s life has been far from being only a bundle of laughs. Through interviews, naturally about her theatrical shows and Okinawa homeland, but also hearing her reveal stories of her own family for the fi rst time and war experiences, as well as by talking to her daughter, grandchildren and co-performers, this movie will bring to light the full story of Sachiko Nakada, Okinawa's most powerful old woman who provides laughs and energy to her peers in Okinawa.

    Director:Yasunari Izuma Cast:Sachiko Nakada (self), Masae Nakada (self), Ryutaro Nakada (self) Year:2010
Screening Works

1st Okinawa International Movie Festival (2009)