Special Screening

Japanese Comedy

The comedians who have kept generations of Japanese TV viewers rolling on the floor burst onto the big screen in 4 new productions.

World Comedy

Quite a few comedy films have given birth to even more successful comdey series.
We bring you the films that got 4 of those series started.

Respect Screening

■"Heroes of the Showa Era",
"Heroes of the Showa Era", a selection of the anime and special effects films that kept kids fascinated;
"Ultraman", "Sally the Witch", "Kamen Rider", "Mazinger Z" and all the favorites.
■Hisaya Morishige memorial screening
From the many great works of Hisaya Morishige, who passed on last year, we have selected four of his best to retrace his footprints. Even 50 years on, his works have lost none of their flavor.
■Crayon Shinchan Special
"Crayon Shinchan"; national idol! The original comic sold 52 million copies. First brodacast in 1992 on Asahi TV, imitating the mannerisms of the title character, Shin-nosuke, became a nation-wide craze. The hilarious rendering of the endless trouble this 5-year-old gets into, and the reactions of those around him, were a hit with children and adults alike, reaching a peak 28.2% TV rating. Broadcast in over 40 countries. We bring you 10 of the best works from the last 18 years.


Watch them on the beach! Kanpei Hazama starring in Iranian Kamal Tabrizi's "I Ran and Run" and long-running US variety show "Saturday Night Live".


The TV stars themselves take the megaphone in this short project;“YOSHIMOTO DIRECTOR'S 100". See them in a different light!

Feature on Okinawa Movie

To celebrate the Second Okinawa International Movie Festival we will show two works set in Okinawa, both brimful of love for these islands.

1st Okinawa International Movie Festival (2009)