Special Screening JAPANESE COMEDY

The comedians who have kept generations of Japanese TV viewers rolling on the floor burst onto the big screen in 4 new productions.

  • Ikoka Modoroka
  • Ikoka Modoroka Sanma Akashiya, Shinobu Otake and screen play writer Toshio Kamata ― the trio with great chemistry ― formed a team to make this movie. This light-tension movie depicts with a nimble tension the incident-filled journey made by a man who embezzled some shady money of an organized crime gang and a woman who used her company's money to gamble. It unfolds by packing much onto the screen and is a roller-coaster ride of a love-comedy.

    Director:Jiro Shono Cast:Samnma Akashiya,Shinobu Otake,Nenji Kobayashi Year:1988
  • Sukkari…sono ki de!!
    ©1981 TOHO CO.,LTD.
  • Sukkari…sono ki de!! Takashi, an employee at a small talent agency, dreams of making films himself. Then, out of the blue, he receives an offer to make a movie and gets all excited. However, one of the investors flees with the money Takashi had pooled for the film. Although he is appalled by the situation, it's too late to back out, so he comes up with another plan.... This being Beat Takeshi's acting still has a freshness about it. Many of the cast were not professional actors, with roles being filled by such people as comedians or film directors.

    Director:Tsugunobu Kotani Cast:Setsuko Karasuma,Beat Takeshi,Hitoshi Ueki Year:1981
  • It's a Big Case. Everyone Gather Around!
    ©1973 松竹株式会社
  • It's a Big Case. Everyone Gather Around! The 12th of the "Zenin Shugo" series and the last starring Chu Arai. As head of Ikariya Detective Agency, Chokichi Ikari boasts that he's the head of CIA's Tokyo office. After getting four people to work for him, they get involved in a big case. Although a supporting actor and not yet a member of the Drifters back then, Ken Shimura's impressive entrance is a must-see.

    Director:Yusuke Watanabe Cast:The Drifters,Keiko Matsuzaka,Junzaburo Ban Year:1973
  • Kishiwada Shonen Gurentai
    ©1996 松竹株式会社・吉本興業株式会社
  • Kishiwada Shonen Gurentai Kazuyuki Izutsu, the Director of "Pacchigi!", uses comedy duo Ninety-Nine in this film portraying adolescence. In 1970s Kishiwada, Osaka, juvenile delinquents Chunpa and Kotetsu fight continuously day after day. The raw acting of comedians such as Hiroyuki Miyasako, Fujiwara, Takashi Yoshida of Black Mayonnaise and Daisuke Miyagawa is worth seeing. It's not just a film about kids fighting with each other - every character has something lovable about them courtesy of Izutsu's directing.

    Director:Kazuyuki Izutsu Cast:Hiroyuki Yabe (NINETY-NINE),Takashi Okamura (NINETY-NINE),Nanako Okouchi Year:1996
Screening Works

1st Okinawa International Movie Festival (2009)