CM Competition

CM Competition

Having received so many outstanding submissions of commercials for the last edition of the festival, we would once again like to issue a general invitation for submissions of “Laugh and Peace” commercials.
Entrants can be professional or amateur, and can film their commercials with any kind of equipment even a simple household device like a camcorder or mobile phone. We look forward to receiving submissions (which must be no longer than 60 seconds) that demonstrate the unique artistic sensibilities of the producer on a variety of different companies’ products.
Fantastic prize money of 1 million yen! It’s you who will drive the production of commercials in the cross-media era!

Commercial Competition Winners

Created by Yu Tsubaki,Shugo Jimbo from Tokyo
SHOP JAPAN Styleplus Power Juicer Chapter of"Forbidden Pleasures"

Yu Tsubaki comments on his award:

I'm really grateful to you all for this opportunity!
A commercial that makes you feel "Laugh and Peace"….
I wondered what would make people laugh…
sitting in a silent family restaurant in the middle of the night, thinking…
how to use the selling point of the product for some new kind of fun.
I heard that everyone laughed when they showed my piece,and I was on top of the world.
So, to everyone who laughed, I must say "I really appreciate it!"
Thanks too to Obama, Brad and Michael!
This was an incredible movie festival!
"Laugh & Peace" all over the place!
Thank you, Obama. Nice, Michael!


Yu Tsubaki,planner, actor
Shugo Jimbo, director, actor, camera, editor, gopher….

Judges' comments

Chief Judge; Shinya Nakajima
"This work generated the best audience reaction and made all the judges laugh too. A unanimous Number 1!"

Panelist: Shinsan Nameko
"This one was the item I most wanted to buy.It was so honestly amateur I couldn't believe it when I heard it was made by people from Dentsu"

The commercials competition

This competition (on the theme of “Laugh and Peace”) is intended to unearth new talent whether professional or amateur in the production of commercials for the cross-media era. The Grand Prix winner will receive a prize of 1 million yen!

Please submit video commercials produced using your own unique sensibilities on the subject of one of several different commercial products. It does not matter whether you are a professional or an amateur!

Event Date

Date March 26(Friday) 16:30~18:30

Okinawa Convention Center Theater 3

Outline of the Okinawa International Movie Festival commercial contest

■Theme for submissions

The Okinawa International Movie Festival is inviting submission of commercials from all over the world that fit in with the theme of “Laugh and Peace.” We want you to produce a highly original commercial that demonstrates your unique sensibilities for one of a number of different commercial products.

■Details of submissions

Anyone can submit a production for the commercial competition category, provided that it meets the following conditions.

  1. Please choose a product from the list as your subject and produce a “Laugh and Peace” commercial about it.
  2. More than one product may be advertised in a single commercial.
  3. Video submissions must be no longer than 60 seconds (but may be as short as you like).
  4. Pictures and logo data for the target products are available on this website for you to download and use in your commercial. However, submissions do not have to include these resource materials.
  5. You do not need to use professional equipment to produce your commercial. We welcome submissions produced using simple household devices like a camcorder or a mobile phone. Submissions will be judged mainly on the basis of their conceptual originality and the way in which they promote the product rather than on their image quality or overall polish.
  6. Entrants are free to interpret the concept of “Laugh and Peace” however they wish.
  7. Please add the name of the target product and the theme of the commercial to the title of your submission.
  8. If your commercial is in a language other than Japanese or English, please add subtitles in either Japanese or English.
■Target products

Please choose a product from the “List of target products” and produce a “Laugh and Peace” commercial about it.

List of target products

Name of company:Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd.


Pretz is a rhythmical outdoor snack with a crunchy texture.
We look forward to receiving upbeat submissions on the theme “Make your day more enjoyable by taking your Pretz with you when you go out.”

*The Pretz brand includes a number of products. Please use Pretz Salad Sticks as the subject of your submission.

Website URL
Home page for brand
Pretz Salad Sticks

Name of company:OAK LAWN MARKETING, INC.
Product:Styleplus Power Juicer

Styleplus Power Juicer

The Styleplus Power Juicer can quickly and easily turn fruit and vegetables (essential for your health) into a juice rich with vitamins, mineral, and dietary fiber, which you can drink at any time. The Style Price Power Juicer crushes whole fruits and vegetables to give you your daily requirement of fresh fruits and vegetables that will help keep you healthy. We would like you to produce a “Laugh and Peace” commercial on the theme of “Having more fun” with the Style Price Power Juicer.

Website URL
Shop Japan
Product page

Name of company:Kyoraku Industrial Co.,Ltd
Product:Commercials that make people unconciouly feel like playing pachinko


We look forward to receiving submissions of commercials on how good manners can make playing pachinko fun for everyone and commercials that convey how the fun of pachinko makes beginners or women come and play.
・Please show a Kyoraku Industrial pachinko machine in your production.
 Kyoraku Industrial pachinko machines
・You must obtain permission if you wish to film in a pachinko parlor.

Website URL
Kyoraku Industrial Co.,Ltd

Name of company:All Nippon Airways Co. Ltd.
Product:“Winter in Okinawa” campaign


Although the mention of Okinawa conjures up images of summer beaches, true connoisseurs prefer the island in winter. Please try and suggest how the relaxed atmosphere and warmth of Okinawa in winter can be fun, so as to boost the number of fans of the Okinawan winter even higher.

*Please be sure to spell the company name “ANA” (as on its logo” and pronounce it ‘A,’ ‘N,’‘A.’ in your production.
*Please do not use the title “Relaxation->Warmth->Okinawa,” which was the name of the 2009 campaign.

Website URL
All Nippon Airways Co. Ltd.
Okinawa campaign

Name of company:Dohtonbori Co.,Ltd
Product:Please produce a communication drama set around a grill.


Please produce a heart-warming communication drama in which sitting around a grill cooking and eating together enables people who are from different cultures or who have different values or characters to make their peace with one another person-to-person.

* Please put the grill at the center of the action.
* Make the cooking with the grill look mouth-watering.
* The food on the grill need not be okonomiyaki.

Website URL
Dotonbori Co. Ltd.

■Judging procedure

As stipulated in the regulations, the festival selection committee will conduct preliminary judging to determine the finalists. The judges will then meet at a festival screening event to decide the winner of the Grand Prix.

Shinya Nakajima

Chief of Jury Shinya Nakajima
Born in 1959. Commercial director. Executive Managing Director of Tohokushinsha Film Corporation.
Highly evaluated for his entertaining commercials fully utilizing digital technology. Nisshin Cup Noodle "hungry?" (1993 Cannes Advertising Festival, grand prize), National no akari (2001 U.S. IBA Awards, highest prize), Suntory "Nenshokei aminoshiki" (2003 ACC, grand prize), Suntory "Iyemon" series (2005 ADC, grand prize), etc.

Nameko Shinsan

Nameko Shinsan
Nameko Shinsan was born in Tokyo's Chiyoda Ward in 1974 and grew up in Saitama Prefecture. She is a manga artist and columnist.
She graduated from the Musashino Art University Junior College of Art and Design. Among the books she has written are "Onna Shugyo? (Women's Asthetic Training)" (published by Kodansha Bunko) and "Celebmania"(published by Bunkasha Inc.).

  Yuichi Kimura

Yuichi Kimura
Born in 1963 in Kyoto Prefec ture, multi-talented Yuichi Kimura work s as a comedian, as well as a composition writer for the Yomiuri T V network's "DownTown DX" and also does acting.
His movie credits include "Nobody knows" (2004) and "Shonen Merikensakku" (2008). He made his feature film directorial debut with last year's "Nisesatsu".

■Submission period

15 March 2010

■Prize money

A prize of one million yen will be awarded for the production that wins the Grand Prix


Please e-mail inquiries on the CM Competition category to


1st Okinawa International Movie Festival (2009)