2010.03.28 The curtain falls on the nine-day festival. "mata rainen!" = "See you next year!"

The final event, "Utatte,odotte, mata rainen" (Sing, dance, and see you next year!) on the tropical beach at Ginowan began with the Nagata Young Men's Association, who opened the ceremony by dancing an imposing "Eisai".
Next on stage were "Kariyushi58" who got to know each other by having the same first name; singer Shingo Maekawa, and Shingo Fujimori of "Oriental Radio". Maekawa surprised everyone by announcing that Fujimori, Junichi Komoto of "Jicho Kacho" and Hiroki Kawata of "Garage Sale" would join him in the PV for his next song.
He got the event off to a lively start, saying "I'm sure I'll remember this international encounter in Okinawa for the rest of my life.I am so grateful to stand here on this stage". They then sang their standards "Am'ma" and "Sayonara".
The finale, with Hanamaru Hakata,Daikichi Hakata as MCs, starred all the top Yoshimoto stars: Okamura of NINETY-NINE, Gori and Kawata of Garage Sale, Yuichi Kimura, The World-Famous Nabeatsu, Kosugi and Yoshida of Black Mayonaise, Kendo Kobayashi, Komoto of Jicho-kacho, Matsuda and Q-Taro of HikingWalking, Rossy and Kawashima of Yaseibakudan, Nakata and Fujimori of Oriental Radio, Kanada and Kawashima of Hannya,Goto and Fukutoku of JARUJARU,Kawami and Moromizato of Ham,and Maeda and Uchima of Slim Club.
They all had plenty to say about the fun they'd had in Okinawa;"We came to entertain you and ended up being entertained!" "Okinawa has given me some new gags" "Thank you, Okinawa!"
Gori of Garage Sale told how he has been working for the last year with Jumbo of ZUKAN on a late-night program to promote the movie festival called "LaughPea"."What a success it was! We can do it again next year and the next. Let's shoot for 50 or 100 times! "
The crowd that filled the venue sang along with a rousing rendering of the festival's theme song "Egao no mamma" (With a smile). As the nine-day-long second Okinawa International Movie Festival drew to a close, the night sky was filled with fireworks.