2010.03.28 Double prize winner in "Miss KUROSAWA FILM" Kazuko Kurosawa speaks!

Representing "Miss KUROSAWA FILM", winner of the Laugh Category "Uminchu" Prize and the Judges Special "Golden Caesar" Award at the second Okinawa International Movie Festival,leading lady Kazuko Kurosawa spoke to reporters.
"At the moment I just can't think…. I was always very alone during shooting, so when the Yoshimoto staff congratulated me, I was delighted! I think (it was chosen because) the viewers understood the pleasures and pain of being a female performing artist. I really want to thank all those who came to see the movie. In 11 years on stage this is a new experience for me. I'm thrilled to have had such a big audience.
Asked for a message for the people of Okinawa,she said "All of you who came to see the movie were laughing and crying, so I'm glad you were able to empathise with a comedienne. Then there is "Okinawa time"- people turning up for the 10:40 showing at 11:00!". This prompted much laughter.