2010.2.22 The Second Okinawa International Movie Festival Program Announcement Press Conference

Program Announcement Press Conference

Some notes from the press conference held after the announcement of the program for the Okinawa International Movie Festival, whose theme this year is “Laugh and Peace”.

A message from the festival chairman, Hiroshi Osaki
“We have planned this event in the hope that the theme of this, the second, Okinawa International Movie Festival “Laugh and Peace” will bring entries at many levels, from the elementary schools of Okinawa to the entertainment industry of the world.
We welcome you to this festival of film and entertainment and hope you will enjoy both the festival and the beauty of our islands. Thank you very much for attending.”

We were also pleased to welcome the following featured artists to the press conference to share their thoughts on the festival: Show Aikawa, The World Famous Nabeatsu, the comic duo “JARUJARU”, Satoshi Kanada of “Hannya”, Jun Murakami of “Shizuru”, and Junichi Komoto of “Jicho Kacho”.

Director and actor of “Saraba itoishi no Daitouryou”, The World Famous Nabeatsu:
“This three-legged race of a movie made in partnership with Daisuke Shibata should be great fun. Wait till you see the result!”

The stars of Kazuyuki Izutsu’s “THE HERO SHOW”, Junpei Goto and Shusuke Fukutoku of “JARUJARU”:
Fukutoku: “At first I thought it was a Candid Camera stunt, but once we started filming I realized it was for REAL!
Goto: I haven’t been allowed to see the final version yet so there’s still a chance it really could be Candid Camera…”

Satoshi Kanada of “Hannya”, who plays against Umika Kawashima in Yutaka Yamamoto’s “Watashi no Yasashikunai Senpai”:
“The schedule was pretty tight but we had some good fun. The director is also an “anime” director and the script is based on a “shojo” (girls’) novel so there were all kinds of elements bound into it, which made it really interesting.”

Jun Murakami of “Shizuru” who plays in Yuichi Kimura’s “WARARAIFU!!”,
“I was continually nervous working under Yuichi Kimura who was one of my seniors at school, but it was a great opportunity for me.”

Junichi Komoto of “Jicho Kacho” who plays in Naoya Ooshiro’s “A Song of Gondola”:
“I was on location for another program, but they fitted me into the filming on my breaks. They asked me to kick up a racket, so I did. Most of the lines were ad lib!”

Show Aikawa, the star of Takashi Miike’s “ZEBRAMAN ATTACK THE ZEBRA CITY”:
“The First Okinawa International Movie Festival started at 7 in the morning which was pretty early for me, but there were loads of people there which got me really excited about it.
“ZEBRAMAN…” is 98% complete, but we’re showing a special version just for this festival. I hope you enjoy it.”

We asked everybody what they were really looking forward to at the festival.

The World Famous Nabeatsu
“After we’ve spoken on the platform and the given the audience their fun we’re going out for a drink with the rest of the cast.
I’m especially looking forward to getting together with Kendo Kobayashi who only agreed to take part in the movie as long as he got to stay over for the festival.

Junpei Goto of “JARUJARU”:
“Once when I came to Okinawa on a job, I swam at this beautiful place called Ko-uri Island and got really excited, but when I shouted and waved, an old lady told me “Get out of here!” I want to try and make a better impression this year!”

Shusuke Fukutoku of “JARUJARU”:
“When I came here for 2 nights last year, on the third day I broke out in a rash. This year it’s a 4-night stay so I’d better take some lotion with me, but still I’m looking forward to it.”

Show Aikawa:
“I can stay over 2 nights I think, so if I can find time I want to go fishing and beetle hunting. I’m going to get up at 4 a.m. and look for some unusual larvae.”

Satoshi Kanada of “Hannya”:
“I’m looking forward to those wonderful Okinawan smiles and a bit of scuba-diving too.”

Jun Murakami of “Shizuru”:
“I hear that the director and staff can all hold their drink, so I’m looking forward to downing some “Awamori” (Okinawan sake) with them.
I’m also looking forward to walking on a red carpet that does move.” (He has appeared on a comedy program where the “red carpet” conveyor belt carries the contestants off stage when their (very short) time is up.)

Junichi Komoto of “Jicho Kacho”:
“ I really want to go on that Ferris wheel in Chatan that appears in “A Song of Gondola”, and since I took part in several of the movies in this festival I looking forward to going round all the different parties.”

The works to be shown in the festival are as follows:
・Featured Program
・Special Screening
・World Wide Laugh
・CM Competition
・The New International Nikoniko Movie Festival in Okinawa
・Okinawa Elementary School Movie Festival, Okinawa Youth Movie Festival

・Red Carpet
・Opening Ceremony
・The Second Okinawa International Movie Festival, Akira Kurosawa 100th Anniversary Exhibition
・Comedy Events
・Musical Events
・Closing Ceremony

●Featured Program“Laugh Section”
“A.D.Girl - Things She Must Do Tomorrow -” (Japan)
“Selfish planet” (Japan)
“Stay The Night at The Grave” (Japan)
“Miss KUROSAWA FILM” (Japan)
“Saraba itoishi no Daitouryou” (Japan)
“Close Encounters Of The Stupid ~Tales of Rossii Stardust & Junior From Mars~” (Japan)
“Miracle Girls - Neva-da Stop Dreaming” (Japan)
“Watashi no Yasashikunai Senpai” (Japan)
“The Hangover” (USA)
“My Girlfriend Is an Agent” (Korea)
“On His Majesty's Secret Service” (Hong Kong)

●Featured Program“Peace Section”
“Solanin” (Japan)
“My Darling is a Foreigner” (Japan)
“A Song of Gondola” (Japan)
“WARARAIFU!!” (Japan)
“A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN” [originally “RabNeBanafdidodi”] (India)
“A TOWN CALLED PANIC” (Belgium/France)
“BTS-Bangkok Traffic (Love) Story” [originally “Rod Fal Fah Mahanather] (Thailand)
“HIPSTERS” (Russia)
“Somewhere I Have Never Travelled (China)
“The Missing Lynx” [originally “El lince perdido”] (Spain)